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How Slimming Clubs Deliberately Make You Fatter!

posted on: June 22, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

Did you know that every time you go on a diet, from Weight Watchers to Slimming World to LighterLife, you raise your set point weight?

If you're not sure what this means, let me just take a minute to explain.

The moment you start dieting, you create a very large caloric deficit (shortage of calories) which forces your body to burn muscle and fat.

That's kind of the point of dieting isn't it?

Burn off as much muscle and fat as you can so you lose weight, win your slimmers awards, win the admiration and praise of your fellow slimmers and maybe even become a Slimmer Of The Year.


The moment you diet, you simulate the conditions and environment of a famine, which your brain sees as a threat to survival.

Its response?

To slow down your metabolism, increase your appetite and food addiction, and force you back to your starting weight, to save you from starvation.

Which explains why after all your diets you suddenly lose motivation (because of your slowed metabolism) and you end up face down in the biscuit tin (because of your increased food addiction) but you can't understand why.

And so...

You regain all the weight.

But your brain isn't satisfied that you're safe, so it regains some EXTRA WEIGHT, beyond your starting weight, to give you an extra buffer of fat to protect you from any future famines (diets).

This is a process called "fat overshooting" or "poststarvation hyperphagia", and it explains why millions of slimming success stories go through this process of "before, after, after after", where they end up FATTER than before they started.

The slimming industry loves it.

The slimming industry designs their weight loss plans to positively encourage it.

Because it ensures an endless supply of repeat business when the millions of "after afters" come back for more.

"It worked last time, but it's my fault I regained the weight because I stopped!"


You regained the weight AND MORE because the diet triggered your brain to increase your set point. Which means it's your slimming club's fault, for deliberately triggering your brain to raise your set point.

You can stop this cycle.

And you can lose weight in a lasting, steady, sustainable way. But you need to make a decision....

Stop Dieting. Start Training.


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