How Slimming World Created Syns To Con You!

posted on: February 01, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

Picture the scene.

Imagine for a moment that you are a professional financial advisor, helping people increase their wealth and prosperity.

You study. You learn. You increase your financial knowledge. And every day you use that knowledge to help people make better, smarter choices with their money.

You know and understand that money, at least in this country, comes in a very familiar form called POUNDS and PENCE.

And you know that all products that are bought, sold and invested in are done so using this very simple, very familiar currency.

But then one day in a meeting with a client, you suggest that they spend a little less on certain luxury goods (like jewellery) and that they invest a little more in certain savings (like an isa).

Their response confuses you.

"It's ok, these earrings I bought only have 5 flarks in them."

Flarks?? You think.

What the hell is a FLARK?? 🤔

You ask your client, politely of course, and they reply...

"Oh I thought everyone knows what a flark is? Money World taught me that you find flarks in different products. Some products are high flark, others are low flark, and if you're really lucky, some products are flark free!"

You're still confused.

You know your stuff about finance.

But you've never heard of a flipping FLARK??

So you do your research into this company.

It doesn't take you long to realise that Money World sell their customers certain products, as well as gets paid by other companies to recommend their products.

They created "flarks" not based on finance or mathematics or any form of science or research whatsoever.

Oh no.

They created flarks to CON PEOPLE.

Here's how it works...

If they tell their members that certain products are "high flark" they know their members will avoid them. If they tell their members that certain products are "low flark" they know their members will go out and bulk buy them.

And best of all for Money World?

They can create and sell their own products...

Which they of course label "FLARK FREE".

You realise that this is financial con artistry that isn't just miseducating and misleading people. But it is also driving 1000s of people into DEBT by encouraging them to invest in these very expensive "flark free" products.

So you challenge the head financial advisor at Money World to an open public debate with you, asking her to explain the financial basis of a flark.

She avoids you like the plague.

Because she knows it's a completely MADE UP TERM.

She pulled the term and the concept out of her arse, with no financial or mathematical basis to it whatsoever.

Flarks are simply a tool for Money World to control how and where their members spend their money, utilising the made up flark to primarily direct them to their OWN PRODUCTS... for their own profit... as well as to certain recommended products... for which they receive commission.

Members of Money World hang on their every tip. And aren't afraid to go to the supermarket and buy 10 boxes of products that they have been told are "flark free". Not realising the reason they've been told they're flark free is that Money World is getting commission on each sale.

Then Asda comes along.

And sees that Money World is making a killing from the whole "flark malarky", so they jump on the bandwagon too.

They create their own range of products.

And call the products... you guessed it... "FLARK FREE".

1000s of Money World members flock to the Asda fan page, wondering if it's really true that they are offering these new flark free products.

And a massive debate explodes as to how many flarks are in each of the products Asda is offering. With various members of Money World stepping up to comment and talk about flarks as though they are some kind of authority.

Comments like...

"No.. no... I've checked. These Asda products aren't quite flark free, I think they actually contain about 5 flarks each, so I'll still buy them because they're low flark."


"Wow, are they really flark free?! Well done Asda! I'll certainly be choosing your products over Money World if they are!"

All the while you...

The experienced financial advisor... 

Who knows that products are valued in pounds and pence...

Are sat back watching all of this thinking...

"I can't believe it. These people actually think flarks are a thing!! Like a real thing that exists in these products and therefore determines their value!!"

You've got your head in your hands thinking...

"How did Money World, a company that has no financial foundation or authority, manage to convince so many 1000s of people that flarks are real?! To the point where they'll ignore the true price of a product as long as it has been labelled flark free?!"

Let's face it...

Not one Money World member can tell you what a flark is! Their own head financial advisor can't even explain the financial basis of a flark...

Proving it is a CON!

The only redeeming factor?!

That Asda has just beaten Money World at their own game!


p.s. Bravo Asda!! Using the made up SYN and made up concept of FREE FOODS to out compete Slimming World, who made up syns in the first place! Genius! Needless to say that all the people investing in those Asda or Slimming World products are going to end up obese. Because they forget that real products are made of "nutrients" not made up bloody syns. You can see what this post is based on here!

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