Is Your Indecision Making You Fat?!

posted on: April 06, 2017. posted in: Mindfulness

Have you ever heard the famous quote...

"Success is achieved only by flapping about and changing your mind every five seconds and never actually making a decision."

I'm guessing you haven't.

And there's a pretty good reason for this.

Nothing in life is achieved through indecision, other than indecision itself. Think about that for a moment.

Indecision is literally the most unproductive thing you can do with your time. You're not going one way. You're not going the other way. You're literally stuck in one place, doing nothing, achieving nothing, being nothing.

The craziest thing?

You're actually better off going in the wrong direction, because at least you can learn it's the wrong direction! You're educating yourself and getting smarter in the process.

But doing nothing??

It is the WORST thing you can do with your time, because it is quite literally wasting your time. And there's a great phrase for this awful habit...

"Paralysis by analysis."

And no single group of people are better at overanalysing things, and going nowhere in the process, than DIETERS.

The Rebelfit inbox is a constant...

"Shall I, shan't I? Maybe I'll wait. Maybe now's not the best time. Maybe I'll try something else. But what if that doesn't work. Oh, I don't know. I could just go...."


Pull your finger out of your bum and just make a bloody decision!! Get going somewhere!! And if that's not Rebelfit, find something else!! Your local gym. Your local running club. Your local swingers club if that gets your blood pumping!!

Anything is better than doing nothing!!

Anything is better than this limbo that dieters spend their lives in... panicking, binging, waiting for the time to be right, waiting for everything to be perfect...

And when that perfect moment never comes?

All they're left with is REGRET. That sinking realisation they've wasted their lives, and they should've taken action sooner.

Life's too short people, and Jim Rohn said it best...

"Suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret."


p.s. If you're stuck in limbo and need a professional size nine up your backside to get you moving, email me and I'll be happy to help!

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