Nutrition For Numbnuts - A Fad Free Guide!

posted on: February 13, 2017. posted in: Nutrition

So the hot topic right now is all these food companies trying to pull the wool over our eyes by putting "PROTEIN" on their labels.

For those who haven't learned....

"Never. Trust. The Food Industry. Ever!"

Hopefully this little Rebel-Ed will help.


Imagine 1g of protein is like a KISS.

Eat something with 3g of protein...

You get 3 lovely kisses!

Mwah 😘 Mwah 😘 Mwah 😘

Now imagine 1g of refined sugar

Is like a firm KICK IN THE BALLS.

Eat something with 3g of refined sugar...

You get 3 swift kicks to your balls!

Ouch! 😭 Ouch!  😭 Yee-oouchhh! 😭

And so...

Fat loss nutrition is a lot like LIFE.

You want a lot more kisses (protein!)

Than you do kicks in the nuts (sugar!)


An egg gives you...

5g of natural protein, and

0g of refined sugar.

Which means you get...

5 lovely, natural kisses, and

0 kicks in the danglies.


A chicken breast gives you...

30g of natural protein, and

0g of refined sugar.

Which means you get...

30 beautiful little kisses, and

0 kicks in the plums.


Now this list could go on, and on, and on.

With natural protein sources that deliver...

LOADS of lovely kisses (protein!), with

ZERO, yes ZERO kicks in the chaps (sugar!).


The hyper-processed, man-made foods...

That come with pretty labels designed to fool you

May give you some kisses (protein)...

But more often than not they come with...

A Bruce Lee like battering to your nads (sugar!).

In fact, many of these foods contain...

MORE KICKS TO THE CHAPS (grams of sugar!)

Than they do KISSES (grams of protein!)


So next time you choose a protein source...

Workout the KISSES to KICKS TO THE BALLS ratio.

(i.e. the protein to refined sugar ratio)

Time and time again you'll discover...

Natural foods give you loads of kisses

With ZERO kicks to the balls.

Processed foods stamp on your balls...

But label themselves with kisses.


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