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This Little Fitness Tip Could Transform Your Results!

posted on: October 11, 2017. posted in: Fitness

"Help! I read your page with interest, I'm an ex slimming world member!! Thing is, I lose lots of weight but when i stop on it goes! I don't like exercise and I am time poor! Help me get motivated please 😂😂😂"

I'll let you into a little secret.

I don't like exercise either!

I'm actually sat in the gym café, replying to you, because I'm dreading doing my workout today. A workout I planned to start at 2.30pm, but here I am at gone 2.30pm trying to delay it as long as possible.

The truth is I'm tired. I'm hungover. I'm not in the mood for training one little bit.

I want a cup of hot cocoa, my teddy, my sofa and Enya "Sail Away" on repeat.

But I will train.

And I will train for the same reason I always train, even when I don't want to...

Bills need to get paid.

We don't pay our bills because we like paying our bills. We pay them because we know that the pain of not paying them is far greater than the pain of paying them.

People always talk about needing to "find the motivation" to exercise.

No they don't.

They just need common sense.

I don't have to psyche myself up and give myself a pep talk when I pay my mortgage bill each month...

"Come on Liam! Pay that mortgage bill! You can do it buddy!!"

I pay it without even thinking because I know that if I don't I'll lose my house.


I don't have to psyche myself up and give myself a pep talk to get to the gym. I go without thinking because I know that if I don't I'll lose my body.

So my advice?

Stop thinking you need to find motivation to exercise. Just embrace a mindset where exercise is a non-negotiable a part of your life like paying your bills.

Make it something you just do.

No questions. No excuses. No internal dialogue... "shall I, shan't I?"...

Like your job...

You turn up.

Regardless of whether you want to!

We call this J.F.D.I (just f**king do it!)

When you have that mindset you will train, and you will see amazing results, whether you're feeling motivated or not.


p.s. If you struggle to find the right mindset for exercise, join one of our missions and we'll turn you from dieter to athlete! The next mission Rebel Life™ launches in January, watch this space! 😊

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