Getting To The Roots Of Your Weight Gain!

posted on: May 08, 2018. posted in: Weight loss, Mindfulness

I've had a bit of lightbulb moment.

Or maybe that should be "plant bulb moment" 🌱😬

This time last year I was so fed up and annoyed at the state of my lawn that I decided to dig it all up and start over.

Yes, I have lawn issues!!

My lawn was full of weeds and bald patches and areas where it was higher or lower than others. So over the course of a weekend I literally stripped off all the old turf and then laid completely new turf over the top.

It was hard.

It was fast.

It was drastic.

But I can honestly say that last Summer my lawn was the best it had looked in years, probably EVER.

Autumn and Winter came and with the change in weather I naturally took my foot off the gas and didn't do much to it. And then when Spring arrived? Disaster.

Where I had turfed over some of the messier beds to increase the size of my lawn, I had forgotten to remove the 100s of bulbs that lay dormant underneath the soil.

During the Summer my lawn looked great.

During the Autumn and Winter my lawn looked good.

But by Spring, all the bulbs that I'd neglected to remove started popping up through the turf. Many of which had been moved and scattered when I was combing the new topsoil, so now I have daffodils and crocuses popping up all over the place, busting through my perfect new lawn!

Initially, they looked kind of ok!

A splash of colour bursting through!

But as they died back they left bald patches and wilted leaves everywhere that actually made my lawn look WORSE then when it just had a few weeds!

The lesson here is obvious.

If you're going to lay a new lawn, make sure that you've cleared everything from the past that might grow through from underneath it.

And this lesson is true of new bodies too!

How many people start new diets or fitness plans that are like stripping away all the old habits and replacing them with something completely new?

And how many of those people find that one year down the line, all the old emotions and feelings that have been lurking dormant under the surface suddenly burst through and make themselves visible again, leaving an even bigger mess than before?!

If I was advising myself this time last year, before my lawn transformation, I'd say...

"Liam, you need to dig deeper! You can't just remove the top layer of turf, you need to clear any bulbs lurking under the surface, otherwise they'll just grow through again!"

Equally, if I was advising people before they embark on a physical transformation, I'd say...

"You need to dig deeper! You can't just remove the top layer of habits, you need to clear any emotions that are lurking under the surface, otherwise they'll just grow through again!"


Slimming World. Weight Watchers. Lighterlife.

These kind of diets are so shallow and so very focused on stripping away that top layer of habits and replacing them with some very fragile, very temporary, very attractive turf.

But underneath there is pain and anxiety and stress that lurks and grows and finally BURSTS THROUGH, often years down the line, disrupting all the new habits, that fragile surface turf, and putting you very much back where you started. And often WORSE.

Rebelfit is guilty of this too.

We provide expert nutrition and fitness advice that clearly goes far deeper than anything you'd receive on a one-size-fits-all diet.

But I think we can go deeper.

I know we can go deeper.

I believe that with a few tweaks we can use our missions to help people find the EMOTIONAL SUPPORT they need to clear all those anxieties, stresses and deep emotional roots that hold people back from change.

Just as the health of a new lawn is only as good as the health of the soil which lies underneath it, the health of a new body is only as good as the health of the mind that lies underneath it.

So I'd love your help with this! 🙏

How can Rebelfit go deeper? How can our missions provide a level of support that goes deeper than just nutrition and fitness, moving more into that space where rebels can work on those deep rooted emotions? 

We're currently exploring Reborn™, Rockin™ and Ripped™, but perhaps the Reborn™ groups need to provide a space where rebels can safely explore what lies underneath?


p.s. Please comment with any thoughts, ideas or suggestions, I'd be very grateful, thank you! 😊

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