Temporal Delusion

Can Temporal Delusion Cause Weight Gain?

posted on: February 10, 2019. posted in: Weight loss

Picture the scene.

You're a veteran dieter and seriously considering your 5th round of [insert slimming club] in as many years.

You try diets. You fail diets. You regain after diets.

Then you repeat the same miserable, confidence destroying process all over again.

"If only I can find the perfect diet!" you think.

So you grab a bag of popcorn and search the web, reading up on all the most popular diets - from SlimFast to Keto - hoping you can find that perfect diet that solves your weight problems.

You find a new diet.

You demolish the contents of your kitchen (it's ok, you haven't started yet!).

And you start that new diet.

All filled with the same hope, excitement and expectation you start all your new diets.

Until you inevitably fall off it and chuck it in the ever growing bin of "diets I thought might work but all they've done is shaft me right up my arse".

What can you do to break this cycle? What can you do to actually lose some weight and keep it off for longer than a few months?! How do other people do it??!

Allow me to let you into a little secret...

💥 It's not the diet that matters. It's what happens when you're OFF the diet that matters 💥

I'll try my best to explain.


While you're spending all your time, energy and focus trying to find that perfect diet...

You're not on a diet.

While you're spending all your time, energy and focus recovering from your last diet...

You're not on a diet.

In fact, if you got a calendar and if you added up all the weeks that you're in that PRE-DIET binging phase, and that POST-DIET binging phase, you'd actually arrive at quite an astonishing conclusion.

You're spending more of your life "off the diet" (and binging) than you are "on the diet" (and maintaining some semblance of good nutrition).

And of course, if the majority of your life is being spent in this out of control, "off the diet" phase, where you're either binging in recovery from your last diet or binging in preparation for your next diet...


You're going to gain weight!

On average you're going to be in a massive caloric surplus, because the small amount of calories you burn during your "on the diet" phase are binged on ten fold during that "off the diet" phase.

And so...

💥 It's not the diet that matters. It's what happens when you're OFF the diet that matters 💥

That's where you need to put your focus!

That's where you need to have your attention!

That's what you should be trawling the web for...

A nutritional approach that creates one continuous "off the diet" phase that is built around sustainable, good nutrition, rather than two polar opposite phases, swinging from "on the diet" to "off the diet".

"Hang on Liam?? Are you saying that if I stop focusing on diets and start focusing on changing my thinking and behaviour when I'm NOT ON A DIET, that's what will help me sustainably lose weight?!"


In short?

It's called...

Not. F**king. Dieting.

It's a mindset shift from...

"Right! I'm starting my perfect new diet next week!"


"I always bring my nutritional attention to NOW!"

The mind of a veteran dieter has been so f**ked by so many years of dieting that they have no awareness of the present moment, and how powerful it is for improving their nutrition, weight and health RIGHT NOW.

They enter a state of temporal delusion, where they're so focused on preparing for the next diet (future) or recovering from the last diet (past), that they enter this mindless eating state of limbo called "off the diet" where calories are inhaled, ignored, and reformulated as arse.

The solution?

Bring your attention to now.

Every day.

Every hour.

Every time you think about food.

F**k that voice off in your head that keeps tell you, "it's ok, I'm starting my diet next week", and ask yourself...

"What can I do RIGHT NOW to make progress with my nutrition?"

The moment you stop letting the diet voice in your head delude you into thinking that the decisions you're making right now don't matter because you're "off the diet"...

Is the moment you retake control of your weight.


p.s. Rebel Weigh™ launches in 7 days! This is exactly the mindset shift we'll be working on, helping you make powerful, sustainable changes to your nutrition and weight, by training your mind to focus on NOW. If you're ready to break the diet cycle, book your place today!»

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