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posted on: January 20, 2023. posted in: Mindfulness, Health

We've had a question on our fan page...

"I've been struggling with weight and body image for a long time, probably most of my life. Quite a few years ago now I lost a lot of weight and I was also fitter and enjoyed exercise at that time, but it was diets that got me there. I did gain some weight after a few years but nothing too much, still relatively happy with myself and active. Fast forward and the last 5 years have been a mess of diets that haven't worked, yo-yoing, struggling to lose weight or inches at all! In 2019 I took unwell and was housebound for a year unable to walk and then just as I regained mobility, covid hit and put us all at home - it all got worse from then. I was found to have an autoimmune disorder which affects my back, hips and knees which means I need to reduce my weight to take pressure off my joints and need to be fitter and healthier than ever to help me stay active and mobile. Shakes, slimming world fast 800, intermittent fasting, keto, liquid fasts - I am ashamed to say I have done these all since then - unsuccessfully I might add. I have, the last few months really opened the lid on my mental state and realised a lot of my issues have deep roots I need to fix and your page spoke to me because you say what I came to realise just before finding you, I need to fix that to get anywhere with other aspects of my life. I barely sleep, I'm stressed to the max all the time and I beat myself up because I hate being me - I am horrible to myself for being 'heavier and a failure for not being able to succeed in getting better and fitter' and that's not helping. Anyway, sorry for unloading all of that, - what I really wanted to ask was when there would be a mission for beginners again, mind mission I think it was? I really think I need this more than I even know."

Hello and welcome to Rebelfit 🙏

Never apologise for unloading. Unloading is healthy. Unloading is so important, especially after everything you've been through. Here is some advice that I hope will help you, and any other followers who find themselves going through a similar struggle.

We are in the midst of a transition in our understanding of "health". For decades we have been taught that "health" is eating less. Exercising more. Losing weight. Being slim. And this has given birth to a multi-billion pound diet and slimming industry that promises "health" if you buy whatever they're selling. Diets. Exercise plans. Slimming shakes. Slimming pills. Slimming clubs. You get the idea.

Now you in particular get the idea, because you've been there, done that, bought the diet / shake / fast, all sold to you with the promise of making you healthier. But it hasn't made you healthier. In fact, it's had the exact opposite effect. And not only has all that dieting made you unhealthier physically, but mentally too as you suffer the emotional pain brought on by the shame of feeling like a failure.

Your health, and millions of other people's health, will continue to decline for as long as you subscribe to, pay for and believe in this old, diet culture model of health. It is a LIE, engineered to make people unhealthier, and profit from their unhealthiness indefinitely. For some people, their whole lifetime.

The new model of health. Something that I've been learning, studying and teaching people for many years now, couldn't be more different...

If you think about the old, diet culture model of health, it works from the OUTSIDE-IN, doesn't it? The promise (or more accurately, the lie) is that if you work on changing the outside (lose weight, get slimmer, change what your body looks like by starving yourself on various diets) you will get healthier on the inside. And you know that doesn't work.

The new model of health works from the INSIDE-OUT. And I'm not just talking about the inside of your body, I'm talking about the inside of your head. Your mind. Your subconscious. Your deep, core beliefs that drive your eating and exercise behaviour.

The starting point for practicing this new, inside-out model of health is SELF-COMPASSION. It's learning how to be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself and your imperfections. Which produces a low state of mental stress that changes everything. Not just your mental health, but your physical, biological and metabolic health too.

Chronic stress is the origin of so many diseases, including autoimmune diseases. So whilst millions of people are stressing themselves out trying to shrink themselves according to the diet culture, outside-in model of health, my clients are literally transforming their health simply by learning how to be kinder to themselves. How to silence their inner critic. How to stop the feelings of shame created by diet culture.

And that is our Mind Missions, yes.

They're about going deep inside, deep into your mind, and clearing out all the diet culture rules, beliefs and LIES that have destroyed your mental and physical health in the first place. And once you've done that, your stress levels are lower, your self-esteem is higher, your energy and motivation is higher...

And then you're ready to eat well and exercise, with HEATLH as your goal, not weight loss. You've healed yourself, and your mind, so that you're approaching eating and exercise with a completely different and much healthier mindset. Not to burn calories. Not to lose weight. But to achieve your healthiest, happiest body, regardless of the weight and size.

So yes, we can definitely help.

If you want to start practicing this new model of health, you can join us on Fresh Startâ„¢, launching in just over a week. Or if you feel you need to do more of the inner work, we have a new Mind Mission called Rebel Mindâ„¢ launching in February.



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