Food Guilt

This Simple Mindset Shift Could Change Your Life!

posted on: January 06, 2018. posted in: Weight loss

A little weight loss lesson...

It's not what you eat, but how you THINK about what you eat that matters.

Let's take a simple food.

A biscuit.

Now if you're at peace with the biscuit, relaxed about the biscuit, even grateful for the biscuit, it's highly likely that if you ate a biscuit, or even a packet of biscuits, you'd move forward from that experience positively.

"That packet of biscuits was lush! I do love a biscuit or ten, what a treat!"

But if you're at war with the biscuit, fearful of the biscuit, even using language like "a sin" to describe the biscuit, it's highly likely that if you ate a biscuit, or even a packet of biscuits, you would be traumatised and stressed by that experience.

"OMG!! I ate a whole packet of sinful biscuits! Why am I so weak and greedy?!"

In both examples, eating a biscuit, or even a packet of biscuits, has an impact on the size of your fat stores that is so negligible it need not warrant one, single, solitary f**k. Not even half a f**k is required.


In the example where multiple f**ks are given, to the point of panicking and getting stressed out because you've eaten something deemed to be "sinful", the aftermath is monumental binging. Which absolutely does have an impact on the size of your fat stores.

Eat one biscuit, or even a packet of biscuits, then move on?

And very little fat is stored.


Eat one biscuit, or even a packet of biscuits, then binge for the remainder of the week to soothe the pain and stress of feeling like a diet failure? And huge amounts of fat are stored.

And so...

Our psychology around food has a bigger impact on our intake of food than the individual foods themselves.

It's not biscuits that make you fat, but how you THINK about biscuits that makes you fat.

If your psychology around biscuits, or chocolate, or any other food is negative, you will naturally eat more of them as a consequence.

However, if your psychology around these foods is positive, you will naturally eat less of them as a consequence.

Which begs the question.

If thinking negatively around food increases your calorie intake, why does the slimming industry work so hard to convince us to think so negatively around food?

To increase our calorie intake!! 😧

And sell us more food!! 😮

And keep us fat!! 😩

To profit from our obesity!! 😡

If slimming companies wanted us to eat less and be leaner, they'd be teaching us to relax around food, not call it a "sin".

They know that the more guilty, panicky and generally stressed around food they can make their customers, the more their customers will buy from them, and binge from them.

The take home message?

The solution to obesity is less about changing what you eat, but changing how you THINK about what you eat.

And that's our job.

That's what we do

Change your perspective on food! 🙌🍪


p.s. If you'd like to learn how to relax around food, and retake control of your eating habits, join us on the Fresh Start™ mission, launching this Monday! 

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