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A Fresh Start For Unfit Middle-Aged Brits

posted on: December 28, 2016. posted in: Fitness

You may or may not have seen today's news that...

"Eight in 10 middle aged adults are dangerously unhealthy"

Which, let's be honest, isn't great news.

But you know what? We've had enough bad news in 2016... so I'm going to cheer you all up with a very exciting and very positive message for 2017!

You ready?!

Change is hard.

"Hang on Liam, you just said it was going to be positive?!"

Give me a second goddamit!!!


Change is hard. Really hard.

It's human nature to both FEAR and RESIST change. 

We like sameness. We like comfort. We like familiarity. We like to do what we've always done, and think what we've always thunk (is that a word??).

So I repeat.

Change. Is. Hard.

And this is the reason you're unfit, and have been unfit for so long. Because if change was easy, you'd have made the changes you needed to make decades ago.

But the positive news?

Even though change is hard...

Change is POSSIBLE.

And more than that...

Change can be positively ENJOYABLE!!

I've spent my career as a PT helping overweight, obese, out of shape, sick, written off, middle-aged fitness no hopers... transform their health and fitness.

One minute I'm meeting a guy in his early 50s, telling me he's pre-diabetic, has fatty liver disease and is struggling to move because of his arthritic back. The next I'm dreading turning up to the next session with him because I'm worried I won't keep up!


Many a PT session I've been blowing out my arse... while putting a brave face on... wondering what the hell happened to "Big Bob" and how is he now fitter than me???!

Well I'll tell you what happened.

Change happened.


For anyone and everyone.

No matter how overweight, unfit, unhealthy or un-salvageable you think you are... no matter how high your blood pressure... no matter how many heart bypasses you've had... no matter how long your list of injuries and ailments... no matter how much you convince yourself it's too late so there's not point in trying...


You can get fitter.

And I know this is true because I see it happen every day.


So here's my challenge to you.

I want unfit middle-aged people.

Actually, I want unfit ANY-AGED people.

I'm not talking a little bit out of shape. I'm talking two or three steps from the knacker's yard. Obese. Sick. Tired. Written Off. Preferably with a list of injuries, illnesses or medical conditions to make even the most hardened doctor wince. 

And I want 90 days of your life this 2017. Give me 90 days to start you on your fitness journey, and let's see if what I'm saying is true!

Join me on Fresh Start™ this January and I'll prove to you that change is possible... at any age... any size... and any level of disability. We'll assess your medical background and start you off nice and light, don't you worry. 

But give me 90 days...

And don't be surprised if you're doing things you didn't think were possible!

You ready?!


p.s. feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or concerns, or if you'd like to see my background and qualifications. 

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