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A Letter To All My Friends About Rebelfit!

posted on: July 08, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

Dear Friends

So you've seen i've started this CRAZY new diet.

Well, to be honest, I'm not quite clear about the science behind it just yet. I'm just getting starting and I'm still learning. But what I can tell you is this. It just seems to make sense. But to help you understand it a bit more here's an example.

I'd like to imagine that you have a young daughter. If you do already, then great! Think of her. But if you don't, just imagine.

Now imagine her age 5.

...healthy... happy... full of life and vitality.

Imagine her running around in a garden on a beautiful Summer's day, giggling and laughing. A big, bright smile on her adorable little face.

Now imagine her age 15.

...she's upset... crying... but you don't know why.

You talk to her and discover the heart of the problem. She was weighed at school today and has been told her BMI is too high, and she needs to lose weight.

You love her and want to help her.

But you aren't quite sure how.

Which of the following options feels right.... feels SAFE... feels like you're offering your daughter the healthiest approach now and for her future.

Option 1.

You suggest to her that she replaces her meals with milkshakes. Instead of eating three meals a day, you tell her it's best to swap one or all of those meals for a processed, low-calorie milkshake that, according to the label, contains all the nutrition she needs. She can expect to lose 3 to 4lbs of weight a week.

Option 2.

You suggest to her that she starts counting points. You give her a book containing all the points for all the foods, and encourage her to stick to a certain number of points per day. You buy her ready meals to eat, that have the points on them, and you can take her to weekly weigh-ins to check her progress.

Option 3.

You suggest to her that she follows a low-fat meal plan, but has certain "free foods" that she can eat as much of as she likes. She also gets a certain number of "syns" per week to use as treats. And there is the option to go to group weigh-ins with awards for weight loss targets reached.

Option 4.

You tell her that weight is not the measure of a human being. Her teachers, the doctors and society as a whole is wrong to judge her by a number on the scale. Instead of focusing on her weight, you encourage her to learn about nutrition and find the balance between eating healthily and happily.

So which feels RIGHT?

If you chose option 4... which I hope you did... then you chose it for the exact same reason that I'm on this CRAZY new diet called rebelfit.


Even though it may look like it...

It's NOT a diet.


I'm not trying to cut out calories, cut out fat, or replace real food with artificially flavoured, diet crap. I'm just eating REAL FOOD, most of which has come from nature and is packed with the good stuff. It tastes great and feels right eating it, unlike eating crappy, diet ready meals that taste like every ounce of health and happiness has been sucked out of it.

Oh, and I'm allowed to eat cake. Proper cake. Full fat, full sugar, no nonsense cake. In fact, I'm allowed to eat anything. Because I've realised I'm an adult and I don't need to ask permission, I can make my own choices!

And I'm not trying to LOSE WEIGHT. I don't want to LOSE anything. I'm focusing on getting fitter and leaner, burning off fat whilst preserving all my precious muscles, so I don't end up looking like a sack of skin draped over a skeleton.

Finally… And perhaps most importantly....

Unlike the dieters out there, jumping from one diet to the next, I'm learning how to find balance. I'm learning when to eat the foods that fuel my body, and when to eat the foods that fuel my happiness.

Because when you find that balance... between eating HEALTHFULLY and eating HAPPILY... that's when things start happening to your body.

Meal replacements? Counting points? Obsessing over the scales? It isn't right for my children. And it isn't right for me.

A Rebel

p.s. If you'd like to join me and discover a life without guilt, shame and feelings of failure around food, join me on the Summer Strip™ mission! It launches this Monday!

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