How To Stop Losing Weight Like A Dick!

posted on: November 30, 2017. posted in: Weight loss

[warning: this post contains some moderately graphic imagery and some swearing! please look away now if you're easily offended!]

I'm pretty sure that if you've followed the Rebelfit fan page or done one of our missions, you'll know that all weight loss comes down to energy balance.

We've got one side of this equation that is Energy In (calories eaten).

We've got the other side of this equation that is Energy Out (calories burned).

The difference between the two determines whether we lose, maintain or gain weight.

(on average and over the long term of course, because these figures naturally fluctuate day to day)

Some simple examples.

Energy In = Energy Out = Weight Maintenance


Energy In > Energy Out = Weight Gain


Energy In < Energy Out = Weight Loss


Pretty simple so far, right?!

"Erm, Liam, why are you using massive dildos in your explainations?"

Ssssh... don't ask questions. Just learn.

So far, if you've got this, you should understand one universal truth.

As long as your Energy In is less than your Energy Out, you will lose weight. 

Or to put it another way...

As long as your Energy Out is greater than your Energy In, you will lose weight.

The question is, FOR HOW LONG?

Imagine this little scenario...


Look at it!

I mean look at that dinky little thing!

The Energy In here is a tiny little 400 calories, whilst the Energy Out here is a much larger 2000 calories. The result is a 1600 "caloric deficit", which will result in some pretty rapid weight loss!

Mainly because this person is starving!

And how long can you starve for? Before you have to stop, binge, regain all the weight, and more, then end up fatter than you started?

Speak to anyone who has done a meal replacement diet and they'll tell you, not very long! They can maintain it for 6 months to a year at best, then this happens...



Their tiny little 400 calorie intake has blown up into a whopper chopper 5000 calorie intake! Because their brain has responded to the starvation by sending their appetite, cravings and binging out of control!!

So here's the problem.

Lighterlife, The Cambridge Plan, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, [insert whatever diet you like], they're all aimed at making the left side of this equation, the Energy In side smaller.

The result?

Increased appetite, cravings, binging, which makes your Energy In fight back and get bigger and bigger (meaning you gain more and more weight) longer term.

How f**king depressing is that!!

Starving... binging... regaining.

The good news?

There's a better way! A smarter way! And a way that means you don't have to starve yourself on between 400 to 1500 calories a day!

You ready?

Instead of focusing on making the left side, the Energy In side, as small as possible, why not focus on making both sides as big as possible?!

More like this...



You see, you've still got Energy In less than Energy Out, meaning you'll lose weight and fat as you sustain it over time. 

However, you have the added benefit of actually being able to eat a sensible amount of calories! 3000 a day, rather than a teeny tiny 400 to 1500 a day.

I know your next question...

"I want two massive dicks Liam, show me how?!"

Ok, it's really simple.

It's a training and nutrition strategy called "Eat More, Train More!" and it involves raising your Energy In (from your poxy diet of 400 to 1500 a day) up to a decent amount of calories (more like 2500 to 3500 a day), but exceeding that intake by developing your strength and fitness, revving up your Energy Out.

Yes, you'll have to exercise.

Yes, you'll have to get fit.

But the long term pay off is a weight loss strategy that is sustainable over the long term (because you're actually allowed to eat real food rather than starving yourself on low calorie diet food!)...

Meaning you can get leaner and stay leaner forever!


Because you can eat!!!

And eating is f**king cool!!


p.s. If this has made sense to you please SHARE IT! And if you're fed up of starving yourself on diets and getting fatter longer term, then join us on the Rebel Life™ mission! One year to get as fit as you can, boosting your Energy Out as much as you can!

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