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How Do People Lose Weight Eating Free Food?!

"How do people lose weight on slimming world (in the short term at least) if they get all this free food they can eat tons of? This is a genuine question.. I don't understand!x" Imagine spending many weeks, months and years overspending, until you're in a large amount of debt. You seek help. And on the advice of your friend you...

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Diet Trap

Are You Stuck In The Diet Web?!

"Currently going around in circles on Slimming World / Cambridge Plan / binge eating HELP!" Thank you for getting in touch! Let me take a wild guess. Are those circles... Losing weight, feeling great, feeling like it's working? Then suddenly craving more, binging more and piling it all back on? If this sounds familiar then...

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Think Big

Time For A Very Rude Nutrition Lesson!

[Warning: If you are offended by willies and balls, do not read on because you might have a heart attack!] I'd like you to imagine you could design your perfect guy. Like one of those kiddies puzzles, you can pick a head, a chest, shoulders, arms, a stomach, legs... oh yes... and a willy and some balls. So in this game of...

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After After

How Slimming Clubs Deliberately Make You Fatter!

Did you know that every time you go on a diet, from Weight Watchers to Slimming World to LighterLife, you raise your set point weight? If you're not sure what this means, let me just take a minute to explain. The moment you start dieting, you create a very large caloric deficit (shortage of calories) which forces your body...

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Are You Making This Fatal Fitness Mistake?

We've all heard about Goldilocks & The Three Bears, haven't we? With the porridge that was too hot, then too cold and then finally it's just right? The Goldilocks Zone is that "just right" zone where all the elements required to achieve a certain goal are met. It's not too much, it's not too little, it's just right!...

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Sin A Day

Proof That Syns Used To Be Called Sins!

So you've just joined Slimming World. You've been to your first ever meeting. And you're both excited and impressed by the science of "Syns", those little things you find in your food that make you gain weight. You ask your consultant,"what exactly are Syns?" and she replies......

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Get Your Hands On Some Rebel Gear!

After what seems like a very long wait we're delighted to announce that Rebel Gear is back! You can choose from women's and men's t-shirts, vests and hoodies, in a range of colours and sizes from extra small to 5XL! (PLEASE NOTE. When making your order you will need to email us at with your choice of size and...

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A Rebel's Guide To Unstoppable Motivation!

Time for a little motivational story... Gather round... cross your legs... sit up straight! Once upon a time there was a farmer and that farmer had excellent seed. One day he took to the field to sow his seed, but the first part of the seed fell by the wayside and the birds got some. The farmer was angry. He...

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Weight Loss For Dummies!

I'd like you to imagine a shopping trip. But this is no ordinary shopping trip. This is a rebel shopping trip that only involves cold, hard cash, no cards! There is £10 in your hand. There is £100 in your purse....

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An Open Letter To Slimming World About Consistency!

Dear Slimming World Below is a response you sent to someone on your page when she questioned you about why you removed Porky Lights from your database. Consistency. noun. "Consistent behaviour or treatment." Interesting. Because on the basis that you're...

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Is Your Indecision Making You Fat?!

Have you ever heard the famous quote... "Success is achieved only by flapping about and changing your mind every five seconds and never actually making a decision." I'm guessing you haven't. And there's a pretty good reason for this. Nothing...

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Woman In Jar

The Secret To Overcoming Binge Eating!

We've had a question sent to us privately... "Hi Liam been listening or rather reading what you have to say on your Facebook page. You do make sense but I'm intrigued as to how to stop binge eating. I have been a yo yo dieter all my life. I am now 67 years old. Go to aqua classes 3/4 times a week. I have just signed up to your...

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