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If You Could See The Panic At Slimming World HQ!

"OMG! The rebels are coming! They're planning to hold a protest outside, demanding to know the science behind syns!" "It's ok! Just tell them the science behind syns, they'll go away!" "Are you mad??! There is no science behind syns, we completely made them up remember?!" "Oh yeah. I forgot about that." 😞 "So...

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Banana Willy

Should We Be Trying To Quit Sugar?!

[warning: this post makes several references to my penis. look away now if you don't like penises] We've had a question on our fan page... "Liam, question for do u feel about the whole "I quit sugar" craze (coz it sounds like one tbh) that's going around now? It feels a whole lot like the "I quit...

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Diet Vs Nutrition

The Difference Between Dieting And Nutrition!

Not many know the difference. Some people think they're the same thing. A few people even come to this page and say... "Rebelfit is a diet! You're no different to Slimming World!" Ouch ;) So let's settle this one the best way I know. With a little rebel story! I'd like you...

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How To Survive Life After Dieting!

We've had this sent to us privately... "Hi Liam. I've briefly followed your Facebook group for about 6 months now. I'm afraid I'm one of those people that has tried every diet out there, but mainly slimming world for the last two years. I watched the program on Tuesday night that you suggested everyone to watch. It was a real...

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​A Little Bit Of Rebelfit History!

We've had a few people message us to ask what the line in the 'b' of Rebelfit is for. Take a look at our logo and have a guess for yourself... Guesses have included... "The bit on a heart rate monitor!"...

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How The Food Industry Lied To You!

"Muahahaaa.... Muahahahaaaa..." "Hey, whatcha doing there?" "Oh... errr... nothing...." "Hmmm... you're doing one of those really evil laughs like they do on TV... you must be up to something!" "Ok ok... can you keep a secret?"  *looks left. looks right* "Yes of course, tell me!" "Well I've been thinking. Real...

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Nutrition For Numbnuts - A Fad Free Guide!

So the hot topic right now is all these food companies trying to pull the wool over our eyes by putting "PROTEIN" on their labels. For those who haven't learned.... "Never. Trust. The Food Industry. Ever!" Hopefully this little Rebel-Ed will help. __________ Imagine 1g of protein is like a KISS. Eat something with 3g of...

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​Warning: Clean Eating W*nker Epidemic!!

Rebelfit is bringing you this special report to warn you of the dangers of catching "Clean Eating W*nker Disease" 😷 This highly contagious nutritional disease is spreading rapidly over social media and turning honest, health seeking individuals... Into F**KING ANNOYING MORONS. The disease is spread...

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Stop Blaming Fruit For Making You Fat!

I get asked about fruit a lot.  And with the press going mad about our SUGAR and FRUCTOSE intake, as well as the clean eating brigade telling us "sugar is poison!", it's no surprise that many people are starting to worry about their fruit intake. People join our missions and are encouraged to swap their mid-morning...

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Green Tea

​Let's Set The Record Straight On Tea

[warning: this is one of those sweary rebelfit rants! please take with a pinch of salt, or look away if you're easily offended!]  I've had enough of hearing claims that tea can... "Boost Your Metabolism!" "Help You Blast Fat!" "Strip Stubborn Belly Fat!" It's. F**king. Tea. And tea... is for drinking......

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Beige Carbs

A Lesson For Veteran Dieters On Nutrition

[warning: this classic rebelfit rant contains some mild swearing and an aggressive tone, so please take it with a pinch of salt or look away now if you're easily offended!] Every day. Three times a day. For the last 10 years. My phone rings and I answer it to a softly spoken very...

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So What If It's Only Made Of 4 Ingredients?!

[warning: this is one of those slightly sweary rebelfit rants, so please take with a pinch of salt!] Seriously, this boils my piss. "Oooo! A clean brownie, made of only 4 ingredients! Which means you can eat 5 of them guilt free!!!" What kind of nutrition is this? Which school of nutrition nobheads thought this up?...

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Will You Make This Mistake This Christmas?

Picture the scene. It's January. A new year and a new start. But instead of all the usual resolutions to better yourself, you decide to GIVE UP SEX. And not just sex. All sexual activity, including that performed on yourself. No sex. No self-hornification. Nothing. For the whole of 2017....

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Nutella Balls

A Challenge For Juice Plus Reps!

Dear Juice Plus Rep I'm going to be honest. Brutally honest. I'm trying my hardest to be nice on this blog. I've got a bad reputation for ranting, swearing and generally getting pissed off at the nonsense spouted by the food and diet industry. Nonsense like Juice Plus. But every so often, just when I'm...

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Slimming World - Stop Hurting Nutrition Fairies!

[Warning: This is one of our famous sweary rants. Please take the language with a pinch of salt, or if you're easily offended, look away now.]We've had a request from Helen... "Can you summarise what exactly it is you disagree with? I tried to read your post but it was too long and ranting! I am interested in what you think is...

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Butter In Pan

Ending The Confusion Over Fat!

[Warning: This is a rude one! Please either take this with a pinch of salt, or look away now if you're easily offended!] People are confused by the debate on fat. And it's pretty obvious from all the conflicting advice we're receiving, that the people who are most confused are the EXPERTS themselves. How are people...

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Nutrition Made So Simple, It's Obvious!

Nutrition can be pretty damn confusing at times. And with all the noise and opinions and "experts" claiming to have the magic formula.... and with all of them CONTRADICTING each other... It's no wonder people are pretty frustrated with it. What you're about to learn is "nutrition 101", the first step on...

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Green Pills

How Juice Plus Fools Its Customers!

We had a question sent to us privately... "Hi Liam- I have been following you for a while now and love your posts & agree with almost all you say! However the Juice Plus remark hit a nerve!! I eat 3 clean meals a day, I exercise and train at the gym and yes I have Juice Plus shakes which are natural plant protein based made...

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3 Fun Ways To Deal With Juice Plus Reps!

We've all been there.Seen a friend request icon pop up.Felt a little buzz of excitement.Thought...."Oooo! I wonder who that is?! Maybe it's an old school friend?? Or my old school bully, desperate to apologise and tell me all about how great my life is compared to theirs!! Or maybe it's that hunky guy / hot girl I met at Salsa...

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How Boobs Can Help You Eat Better!

I've got a little challenge for you.Imagine meeting someone who has never seen or felt or experienced a boob before. I know, I know, we all have. But stick with me on this and just imagine this person has no concept of a boob's shape, size or anything else about it. To them a boob is a complete unknown.So here's your...

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