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Stop Blaming Fruit For Making You Fat!

I get asked about fruit a lot.  And with the press going mad about our SUGAR and FRUCTOSE intake, as well as the clean eating brigade telling us "sugar is poison!", it's no surprise that many people are starting to worry about their fruit intake. People join our missions and are encouraged to swap their mid-morning...

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Woman Breathing

Free Yourself From The Diet-Binge Cycle!

We've had a private message sent to us... "My 40 year problem is that I tell myself everyday that I won't eat junk tomorrow !!! So today will be my last day and hence I eat and eat and then the next day I just can't stop and I again eat and eat ! This is my life when I'm not on a diet - when I'm on a diet of no sugar foods...

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Green Tea

​Let's Set The Record Straight On Tea

[warning: this is one of those sweary rebelfit rants! please take with a pinch of salt, or look away if you're easily offended!]  I've had enough of hearing claims that tea can... "Boost Your Metabolism!" "Help You Blast Fat!" "Strip Stubborn Belly Fat!" It's. F**king. Tea. And tea... is for drinking......

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What Could Be Worse Than Clean Eaters?

[warning: this is one contains some mild swearing!] "Slimming World??" Nope. "Weight Watchers???" Nope. "Got to be Juice Plus????" Nope, not even them. There is a new food movement that makes all the above, and even the arse achingly annoying clean eating brigade, look like experts...

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Beige Carbs

A Lesson For Veteran Dieters On Nutrition

[warning: this classic rebelfit rant contains some mild swearing and an aggressive tone, so please take it with a pinch of salt or look away now if you're easily offended!] Every day. Three times a day. For the last 10 years. My phone rings and I answer it to a softly spoken very...

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Girl Scales

When Girls Gain Weight, Tips For Parents

So your little girl isn't a little girl anymore. She's getting bigger, heavier, curvier. Her arms are getting thicker. Her hips are getting rounder. Her breasts are getting bigger. Her tummy is getting chubbier. She may even look likes she's getting FAT. You've...

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How Slimming Clubs Secretly Make You Fatter!

Picture the scene. Imagine you're running out of money. Not broke. Not poor. Just a little less rich than you'd like. So in your quest to be a little richer, you search for a solution. A way to get hold of some quick cash, to top up your bank balance and allow you a few more...

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Beige Jacket

Why You Should Join A Fitness Club, Not A Slimming Club!

I've never really been one for fashion. I've tried. But I've never really got it. It's just not my thing. I've been dragged... kicking and screaming... to some of the trendiest shops in town by my brother, my friends, my wife... and even some of my clients. Because left to my...

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Obese Couple

A Fresh Start For Unfit Middle-Aged Brits

You may or may not have seen today's news that... "Eight in 10 middle aged adults are dangerously unhealthy" Which, let's be honest, isn't great news. But you know what? We've had enough bad news in 2016... so I'm going to cheer you all up with a very exciting and very positive...

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So What If It's Only Made Of 4 Ingredients?!

[warning: this is one of those slightly sweary rebelfit rants, so please take with a pinch of salt!] Seriously, this boils my piss. "Oooo! A clean brownie, made of only 4 ingredients! Which means you can eat 5 of them guilt free!!!" What kind of nutrition is this? Which school of nutrition nobheads thought this up?...

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Teenage Girl

A Letter To Every Teenage Girl In Britain

I first wrote this letter a couple of years back, but seeing as January is coming and 1000s of young girls will be tempted to diet... I'm sharing this again. Please share with any teenage girls you know. __________ Dear Teenage British Girl If you are reading this, then it's because your Mum and Dad really...

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Treat Your Workouts Like Your Dates!

I'm a massive fan of First Dates, the reality TV show where two singletons date for the very first time and at the end of the date are asked whether they'd like to meet again. Some do. Some don't. But as I watched the Christmas special last night, I was reminded of my own experience of the dating game... many years ago....

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